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Novatel Wireless Sends LTE Data

The march of wireless technology continues as Novatel Wireless announced the completion of a successful fourth-generation (4G) LTE data transmission. The firm, which is working with network operators, plans to launch commercial data services based on LTE technology later this year. LTE promises data rates to 100 Mb/s on the uplink and as much as 50 Mb/s on the downlink, although the results of the LTE test transmission were not revealed. According to Dr. Slim Souissi, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Novatel Wireless, explained that, "We are pleased to achieve these important first data transmission milestones on next-generation technologies, last week with dual carrier HSPA+, and now with LTE, and we expect to leverage our industry-leading position to offer 4G wireless data products to our customers. We believe our aggressive development efforts will enable us to deliver these innovative solutions with the fastest possible time to market."

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