Northwestern Student Claims TEGAM Challenge

Wei Wu of Northwestern University is the winner of the 2009 Student Research Challenge sponsored by TEGAM. He submitted an application synopsis of his use of the TEGAM Model 2350 dual-channel high-voltage precision power amplifier to study quantum dot intersubband devices. His research project was entitled "Electrically Tunable Quantum Dot Intersubband Devices," employed the TEGAM Model 2350 to form a layer of aluminum oxide that was used to provide stable amplification at a high slew rate of 250 V/microsecond. Quantum dots and quantum dot cascade lasers (QDCLs) have application in a variety of areas, including medical and biological imaging, environmental and chemical monitoring, and infrared imaging for space and night vision solutions. Mr. Wu is majoring in Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University, with a minor in Solid State Engineering. His research was performed under the supervision of Professor Hooman Mohseni.

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