Nonlinear Transistor Models Get A Boost

Computer-aided-engineering (CAE) modeling specialist Modelithics has announced an enhanced version of its Nonlinear Transistor (NLT) Model Library for the Advanced Design System (ADS) CAE software suite from Agilent Technologies.

The Modelithics NLT Library consists of extremely accurate nonlinear and noise models for transistors from leading semiconductor manufacturers. The latest upgrade (version 3.0) adds several new models, including bipolar, MESFET, and high-electron-mobility-transistor (HEMT) models from a wide range of companies, such as Avago, Eudyna, Excelics, Hexawave, Mitsubishi, MIMIX, MicroWave Technology (MWT), and NEC. Of interest to high-frequency designers will be the chip and wire models added for several popular GaAs MESFET transistors. Also included are two new high-power GaN HEMT models. The upgrade will be forwarded, free of charge, to all current customers under a Platinum Maintenance contract or the firm's Library Complete agreement. For a free trial version of the Modelithics Library models, contact the firm at [email protected]

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