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New CMOS Platform Supports RF Chips

Fabless semiconductor supplier RFaxis has developed a CMOS RF Front-end Integrated Circuits (RFeIC) platform to complement its current BiCMOS RFeIC platform for single-chip, single-die RF front-end solutions. As Mike Neshat, President and CEO of RFaxis, explains: "We leveraged our BiCMOS experience to accelerate the completion of our pure CMOS RFeIC platform to provide our customers and investors a revolutionary sequel to our current portfolio of best-cost/best-quality RF front-end solutions, and to transform the RF front-end game once and for all." RFaxis' CTO, Dr. Oleksandr Gorbachov, adds that "Our RFeIC platforms are essentially RF architectural templates that allow us to quickly spin-up new RF front-end solutions for compelling market opportunities for battery-operated wireless devices and for wireless devices with a continuous power supply."

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