Mutliplexer Modules Serve PXI Switches To 500 MHz

Mutliplexer Modules Serve PXI Switches To 500 MHz

Targeting both commercial and military automatic-test-equipment (ATE) systems, the 40-755 multiplexer modules support as many as 10 single-pole fourthrow (SP4T) RF switches in a single module. These modules are available in two different versions based on a common switch design. The high-density version occupies just one slot of a 3U PXI chassis. It uses a high-density, multi-way connector that is suitable for switching frequencies to 500 MHz. Te higher-frequency version, which uses subminiature-version-B (SMB) connectors, is suited for switching signals to 1.8 GHz. The 40-755 is an ideal replacement for use in older VXI-based military ATE applicationsespecially those that are being replaced and/or upgraded by PXI/ LXI solutions, where great numbers of SP4T are used as standard RF-switch subassemblies. The two models use a switch design based around electromechanical relays. In addition to being supported in any PXI-compliant chassis, they can be supported in the firm's Modular LXI Chassis.

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