Multilayer Press Speeds PCB Prototyping

IN THE CREATION of custom or prototype printed-circuit boards (PCBs), key factors often include speed, security, and convenience. The MultiPress S microprocessor- controlled, benchtop multilayer lamination press vows to satisfy all of these needs. The press promises a reduced pressing time of less than 90 minutes. The MultiPress S bonds multilayer circuits of all common rigid and flexible substrates. Because it delivers equal pressure on the full press plate area, it creates no air pockets upon completion. By precisely controlling process parameters like temperature, pressure, and cycle times, the MultiPress S also vows to produce durable lamination. Nine different heating/pressing/ cooling process profiles can be programmed into the system. With a maximum press area of 9 X 12 in. and temperature up to 482°F (250°C), the system can even bond RF-multilayer substrates. To keep process times to a minimum, it includes a powerful heating unit as well as efficient heat transmission for short cool-down phases. The MultiPress S is delivered with an automatic hydraulic press mechanism, which provides constant and reliable pressure control throughout the lamination process.

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