Model Services, Library Expand

Microwave modeling professionals Modelithics have announced an expansion of their X-parameter (nonlinear) measurement-based modeling services to include conversions of nonlinear equivalent-cirecuit models to X-parameter models. This service should be of particular interest to users of the Genesys high-frequency modeling software from Agilent Technologies, who can now use this service to acquire X-parameter models that enable accurate as well as computationally efficient nonlinear simulations. Modelithics has also released the latest version of their Modelithics COMPLETE Library™ of accurate and scalable models for the Genesys® software program from Agilent. This latest release adds 17 capacitive-resistive-inductive (CRL) library models, more than 20 nonlinear diode and transistor models, and introduces Modelithics SLC library models formatted for use with the Genesys software. The new library release also includes a measurement-based substrate library. The upgrade will be forwarded, free of charge to all Modelithics COMPLETE Library customers currently under a Platinum Maintenance contract. In addition, visitors to the Modelithics website can experience a free trial by clicking on a link found at the website.

Modelithics, Inc.
3650 Spectrum Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33612
(888) 359-6359
FAX: (813) 866-6334
e-mail: [email protected]

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