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MMIC Amplifier Drives 0.05 To 6 GHz

High-dynamic-range MMIC amplifier model PHA-1+ from Mini-Circuits is an ideal replacement for the AH1 general-purpose amplifiers from Watkins-Johnson. Model PHA-1+ leverages E-PHEMT technology to achieve a wide dynamic range with relatively low noise figure. It offers 17.2 dB gain at 50 MHz and 9.7 dB gain at 6 GHz, with 3 dB noise figure at 50 MHz and 3.7 dB noise figure at 6 GHz. The output power at 1-dB compression is +22.2 dBm at 50 MHz and +21.6 dBm at 6 GHz, with third-order intercept point of +34 dBm at 50 MHz and +41 dBm at 6 GHz. The amplifier exhibits input and output return loss of 17 dB at frequencies of 1 GHz and less. No external matching components are required for the 50-Ohm, RoHS-compliant amplifier, which is housed in an SOT-89 package and priced at only $1.49 in quantities of 50 units.

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