Miniature Mixer Converts 900 MHz

Model ADE-92+ from Mini-Circuits is a frequency mixer designed for an RF and local oscillator (LO) frequency range of 400 to 900 MHz, producing intermediate-frequency (IF) signals from DC to 150 MHz with just 6.8 dB typical insertion loss. It operates with LO drive level of +7 dBm and boasts LO-to-RF isolation of typically 39 dB. The LO-to-IF isolation is typically 26 dB. The mixer, which is suitable for cellular and Industrial-Medical-Scientific (ISM) band applications, offers typical third-order intercept point of +20 dBm at midband. It is supplied in a miniature RoHS-compliant housing measuring just 0.272 x 0.310 x 0.220 in.

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