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Mini-PA Delivers 130+ W To 3.1 GHz

To serve S-band radar systems, a new miniaturized power amplifier (PA) spans 2.7 to 3.1 GHz. Under 300 s/10- percent pulsed operation, it can be used to supply a minimum of 130 W of peak pulse power over that instantaneous frequency range. Dubbed the MPAL2731M130, it provides gain of at least 10.0 dB with 11.0 dB typical. This 50-Ohm-matched PA utilizes goldmetal LDMOS transistor technology operating in a common-source configuration. It may be operated in class B, AB, and A mode. The amplifier is operable over nearly any pulse width and duty factor. All devices are 100-percent screened for large-signal RF parameters. The MPAL2731M130 is sampling now.

Integra Technologies, Inc., 321 Coral Circle, El Segundo, CA 90245; (310) 606-0855, FAX: (310) 606-0865,

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