MIMO Test System Performs Measurements To 6 GHz

MULTIPLE-INPUT MULTIPLE-OUTPUT (MIMO) techniques are rapidly becoming more popular for enhancing radio performance in the presence of noise and interference. To cover both the R&D and production testing of next-generation RF communications equipment and devices, a 4 X 4 MIMO RF test system has been developed. This system comprises the Model 2920 vector signal generator (VSG), Model 2820 vector signal analyzer (VSA), Model 2895 MIMO synchronization unit, and MIMO signal-analysis software. The new RF signal generator and RF signal analyzer support expanded frequency ranges to 6 GHz. The Model 2920 VSG is available in two configurations with maximum frequencies of 4 or 6 GHz. It can generate signals as low as 10 MHz. An optional 80-MHz arbitrary-waveform- generator (AWG) bandwidth with 100 MSamples of waveform memory gives users the ability to test a large array of commercial communications signals. For its part, the Model 2820 VSA comes with 40 MHz of bandwidth as standard in either a 4- or 6-GHz configuration. Both the Model 2820 and 2920 can be set up in 2-, 3-, or 4-channel configurations. These dual-purpose instruments can be used as standalone instruments or part of a 4 X 4 MIMO test system. The Model 280111 WLAN 802.11n MIMO Signal Analysis Software is a PC-based analysis tool for the single- or multi-channel analysis of IEEE 802.11x signals. This tool is capable of supporting 4 X 4 MIMO channel configurations as well. Also offered is the Model 2895 MIMO Synchronization Unit. By providing highly synchronized signals to the system instruments, it allows for up to 4 X 4 MIMO test synchronization. The MIMO test system delivers 1-ns signal sampler synchronization. It provides less than 1 ns of peak-to-peak signal sampler jitter and less than 1 deg. of peak-to-peak RF-carrier phase jitter. By allowing for tight multi-unit synchronization with these high-performance measurement specifications, the system can support MIMO measurements on demanding signals like IEEE 802.11n 40-MHz WLAN MIMO and IEEE 802.16e Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX. See associated figure

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