Making The Most Of The Atlanta MTT-S

For many, this time of year signifies the end of Spring and the start of Summer. For RF/microwave engineers, the unofficial start of Summer is triggered by that annual event, the IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society (MTT-S) symposium and exhibition, otherwise known as the International Microwave Symposium (IMS).

For those fortunate enough to attend the show, which is scheduled for next week in Atlanta, GA, it is an opportunity to essentially take in a cross section of this industry's technology and manufacturing prowess in just a few days. This is an event with a usually excellent collection of technical presentations and panel sessions, assembled by the volunteered efforts of IEEE members. The IMS also features an exhibit floor where visitors can basically build a high-frequency system from the materials, devices, and components on display, and then test it with some of the best RF/microwave measurement equipment available under one roof.

Those of us who have been in the industry for some time can be tempted to take the IMS for granted. But, upon considering the numbers of fine technical presentations and the variety of products assembled by exhibitors, perhaps the best way to attend the event is by bringing a child-like fascination for all that this industry has to offer, and to enjoy this wonderful collection of products and technology.

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