LVCMOS Oscillators Extend Range To 200 MHz

A family of 3.3-V oscillators dubbed the EC26 series now covers a maximum of 200 MHz. Hailing from Ecliptek Corp., these 5-x-7-mm clock oscillators are available in a variety of configurations with frequency stability as low as +/-20 ppm maximum over an operating temperature range of -40 to +85C. They operate with a duty cycle of 50 +/-5 percent and RMS phase jitter of 0.3 ps typical and 1 ps maximum. Input current ranges to 10 mA from 1.544 to 32.000 MHz and 60 mA from 125.000001 to 200.000 MHz. The oscillators are available in the following frequencies: 155.520, 156.250, 159.375, 159.380, 161.1328, 162.500, 166.000, 175.000, 187.500, and 200.000 MHz.

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