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LNAs Cut Noise From 1 To 18 GHz

Perhaps better known for their power amplifiers, CTT is also introducing LNAs at this year's IMS exhibition. The firm's AMX/0118-30xx series of LNAs features single units capable of covering more than four octaves, with gain ranging from 11 to 28 dB from 1 to 18 GHz. The noise figures for these models is only 3 dB with output power at 1-dB compression ranging from +6 to +16 dBm in the different models. They feature carefully designed input and output matching circuits and GaAs pHEMT device technology. The compact LNAs are available as a drop-in package or with SMA connectors. The amplifiers are suitable for radar imaging, spread-spectrum radios, and other wideband applications.

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