LNA Modules Promise Noise Down To 1.8 dB

Bridging applications ranging from broadband test equipment to aerospace and defense systems, a line of lownoise- amplifier (LNA) modules covers up to 18 GHz in bands. The NEL- 0618T620-5MH broadband LNA, for example, covers 6 to 18 GHz. It delivers at least +20 dBm output power at 1-dB compression, gain of 28 dB ±2 dB or better, and a noise figure of 4 dB. This LNA operates from a single +12- VDC supply. In addition, it draws 490 mA or less and is temperature compensated. In contrast, the NEL- 0102N305-1MH covers 500 MHz to 2 GHz with a noise figure of 2 dB or less. The NEL-0102N305-1MH delivers gain of at least 28 dB ±0.5 dB and a minimum of +5 dBm output power at 1-dB compression. It operates from a single +12-VDC supply and draws 150 mA or less. The input and output VSWR of both amplifiers is 2:1 or better. The modules operate over a temperature range of –54° to +85°C.

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