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Limiting Amplifiers Cover 0.1 To 18 GHz

In addition to its lines of low-noise, medium-power, and cryogenically cooled low-noise amplifiers, AmpliTech will be touting its lines of high-performance limiting amplifiers at booths 3030 and 3031 at the 2010 IMS in Anaheim this week. Designed for applications in detector log-video amplifiers (DLVAs) and instantaneous-frequency-measurement (IFM) systems, these limiting amplifiers provide constant output levels even when the input signal level is changing in amplitude. Available with as much as 80 dB gain and with bandwidths as wide as 2 to 18 GHz, the limiting amplifiers have noise figures as low as 1.5 dB in a 0.5-to-1.0-GHz unit to 5 dB in several 2-to-18-GHz units.

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