Limiter Line Extended To 18 GHz

Six models have been added to the LS low-leakage line of broadband limiters from Herotek, expanding coverage from 100 MHz to 18 GHz. The new models feature typical limiting threshold of +6 dBm and maximum leakage levels of typically +14 dBm for an input power level of 1 W CW. The components are designed to handle CW power levels to 1 W CW and peak power levels of 200 W for 1-microsecond power/pulse duration. The limiters feature a built-in DC block at input and output ports and exhibit typical recovery time of better than 10 microseconds. The maximum VSWR for all models is 2.0:1. The new models are offered in standard B (SMA M/F), BF (SMA F/F), and L (surface mount, drop-in) packages.

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