Laird Technologies Acquires Two Companies

ST. LOUIS, MOLaird Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of antenna solutions, electromagnetic-interference (EMI) shielding products, telematics, thermal management solutions, wireless systems, and signal-integrity products, has announced the acquisition of M2sys Co. Ltd., a privately held business, for $33.1 million.

M2sys designs and manufactures custom products based on proprietary and patented technology, including pivot, slide, and rotary-action assemblies that enable mechanical actuation of leading-edge handheld devices while maintaining electrical integrity and performance. M2sys is based in Bucheon, South Korea and employs 80 people.

Laird Technologies has also announced the acquisition of Cushcraft Corp. for $89.75 million. Cushcraft sales revenues for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2006 were $33.3 million.

The purchase broadens Laird Technologies' breadth of antenna products for infrastructure applications.

Cushcraft is involved in the design of high-performance antennas to enhance the coverage and throughput of wireless local-area networks (WLANs), and has products RF identification (RFID), WiMAX, broadband wireless Internet, and in-building communications applications. Cushcraft also is a developer of artificial-intelligence-based antenna designs using supercomputers to simultaneously optimize antenna size, shape, beam shape, frequency response, and many other factors.

Cushcraft's products are used by OEMs and service providers in industries including enterprise networking, inventory control logistics, telecommunications, and wireless Internet service.

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