AUSTIN, TX—Dr. James Truchard, CEO, president, and cofounder of National Instruments was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering, widely considered the highest honor given in the engineering profession. Truchard was recognized for "creating ‘virtual instrumentation,' which enabled the rapid development of customized measurement systems in industry, academia, and classrooms." Dr. Truchard is one of only 156 Texans to be elected in the history of the Academy. There are 2217 total members.

SANTA CLARA, CA—Atheros Communications, Inc., a developer of advanced wireless solutions, announced that its founder and board member, Dr. Teresa H. Meng, has been given the honor and distinction of being named to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Meng is one of 64 newly elected members selected to join the prestigious group earlier this month.

Dr. Meng, the Reid Weaver Dennis Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, was praised for her work in "pioneering the development of distributed wireless network technology." Her innovations in radio and signal processing, and efforts that led to founding Atheros Communications have contributed to the successful proliferation of wireless LANs around the world. She pioneered the industry's first 5-GHz radio manufactured in all-CMOS, a breakthrough in radio architecture, and laid the foundation for many of Atheros Communications' innovations.

PITTSBURGH, PA—Ansoft Corp. executives Dr. Zoltan Cendes, founder and CTO, and Nicholas Csendes, CEO, recently received the Emerald Asset Management E-3 award for entrepreneurial excellence in the Science and Technology Company Executive category at a forum in Philadelphia.

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