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Jitter Test Instrument Offers Crest Factor Above 18 dB

As serial buses advance through faster edges and narrower unit intervals, more pressure is being placed on the design, compliance testing, and debug processes. The J7000 Jitter Test System promises to alter serial signal streams by injecting Gaussian noise in a way that reflects real-world signal behavior. To evaluate the performance of components and systems, the J7000 is capable of adding precise amounts of white noise to the signal stream. This process allows the measurement of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR), and bit-error rate (BER). J7000 systems boast a crest factor of greater than 18 dB, which ensures the optimal distribution of random events to evaluate low BER. The series provides a frequency-dependent output power, which ranges from –131 dBm/–66 dBm to –3 dBm. It also provides an ultra-low-distortion signal path. The systems are available in frequency bands ranging from 1 MHz up to 5 GHz.

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