Inphi Demonstrates Monobit Receiver At MTT-S

Inphi Corp. will be demonstrating a monobit receiver application at the upcoming MTT-S Exhibition in Atlanta, GA next week. The design incorporates the firm's model 25706CP latched comparator, which is capable of operating at clock rates to 25 GHz. Inphi's latched comparator features rise/fall time of a mere 15 ps with random jitter of only 200 fs root mean square (RMS). It is designed for use with a single +3.3-VDC supply (consuming only 550 mW) and delivers 1.2 V peak-to-peak differential output voltage. The latched comparator suffers only 100 ps propagation delay from input to output. It supports single-ended and differential operation.

According to Francis Ho, business line manager of High Speed Logic for Inphi, "The military market's demand for high-speed monobit receivers is growing exponentially. Monobit receivers enable the measurement of simultaneous signals in real-time to detect radar pulses and other signals, and the heart of that technology is a high performance latched comparator."

Inphi Corp.

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