IF Amp Boosts 50 MHz To 6 GHz

Model PSA-0012+ is an intermediate-frequency (IF) amplifier from Mini-Circuits with an extremely broad frequency range of 50 to 6000 MHz. Based on e-PHEMT device technology, it offers 16-dB typical gain at 1 GHz and 10.6-dB typical gain at 5 GHz. It exhibits 2.4-dB typical noise figure at 1 GHz, with a noise figure of typically 3.2 dB at 5 GHz. Output power at 1-dB compression is typically +21.8 dBm at 1 GHz and +21.9 dBm at 5 GHz. The output third-order intercept point reaches typically +34 dBm at 1 GHz. Supplied in a compact SOT-363 package, it is pin-for-pin compatible with the model MAALSS0012 IF amplifier from M/A-COM making it suitable as a replacement part. The IF amplifier typically draws 74 mA from a +5-VDC supply and is ideal for cellular, WLAN, and WiMAX wireless communications applications.

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