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Graduates Earn Free CAE Software

The AWR Graduate Gift Initiative from software supplier AWR provides qualified 2010 college graduates with a fully functional free license for the firm's Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator software suites. The company worked with universities around the world to help graduating engineering students prepare for real-world engineering problems. According to Sherry Hess, Vice President of Marketing at AWR, "With the increasing demand for wireless-enabled devices and the decrease in microwave and RF engineering graduates, tomorrow's designers will need to work harder and smarter. Making our design tools available to these graduates is one of the goals of our program and is part of our commitment to making engineering students more attractive to industry by helping them become proficient with the actual tools of the trade." The program is available to all qualified 2010 class-year graduating bachelor's, master's, or doctorate engineering students and includes the latest full-featured versions of Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator. Candidates need only register for the program on the AWR web site and join the AWR LinkedIn Academia Community.

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