Frequency Multiplier Keeps Subharmonics Under -60 dBc

To satisfy radio transceivers and satellite-communications systems in both commercial and military applications, EM Research has announced the MX series. This X2 active frequency multiplier with integrated output filter produces subharmonics that are typically under -60 dBc. Customer-selected frequency outputs are available from 10 to 30 GHz in bandwidths to 20 percent.

The MX series features 7 to 10 dB nominal conversion gain, a 0 to +7 dBm input level, and output power of +7 to +10 dBm. The unit has more than 20 dB of output-input isolation as well as typical harmonics below -30 and spurs under -80 dBc. It operates from +5 VDC (+12 VDC optional). Operating over a temperature range of -30 to +70C, the MX series comes in a modular package measuring 0.96 x 0.80 x 0.43 in. with removable SMA connectors.

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