Filter-Combiners Serve Cellular Systems

A line of filter-power combiners from Renaissance Electronics Corp. has been developed for applications in a number of different key cellular communications systems, including GSM, CDMA, DCS, and LTE systems. For example, a filter-combiner for DCS, UMTS, and LTE applications operates at center frequencies of 1795, 2045, and 2595 MHz, respectively, with frequency ranges of 1710 to 1880 MHz, 1920 to 2170 MHz, and 2500 to 2690 MHz. The insertion loss at 1795 MHz, for example is 0.3 dB with 50 dB isolation between bands. The combiner is rated for 100 W maximum input power and 240 W maximum output power. The 50-Ohm unit is rated for 1.5 kW peak power.

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