Hamming It Up

Dear Mr. Browne,
AS AN EE, a long time Microwaves & RF subscriber, and an active ham for over 45 years, I am more than pleased to see that you corrected the error in the Microwaves & RF Update newsletter. In fact, I commend you for revising the information and placing it in plain view (October, p. 17). These days it appears few are willing to admit mistakes. Thankfully, you are not one of them. Not only did you correct the error, you did so with honesty and humbleness two very rare qualities in any scenario. So once again, my thanks.

I should add that many MWRF readers became engineers on account of hands-on electronicsin particular, RFexperience via amateur radio. In my case, I was licensed at age 13, went to SUNY, NY for my BSEE, then the Navy Submarine Service, and afterward a defense industry career in RF and radiation detection. Were it not for Ham Radio, I doubt that I would have gone down this path. I believe that others hams in the industry have similar accounts to relate. Consequently, some of the more sensitive among us might have had their feathers ruffled by the incorrect data in the Microwaves & RF Update newsletter. Again, thanks for setting the record straight.

Michael Hyman
San Diego, CA

Editor's Note

Mr. Hyman may be overly generous in his comments, but his feedback is much appreciated. He has a rich and interesting background and writes eloquently for the cause of amateur radio. Personal experience in working with hams who are also readers of this magazine has taught that this is indeed a diverse, well-educated, and creative group with much to contribute not only in engineering but as responsible citizens. Writing for such readers has long made this job more a pleasure than a task.

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