Don't Forget RLC's Filters
Dear Editor,
In reading the RF Primer article in the April issue of Microwaves & RF, we noticed that you featured microwave filters ("Screening Requirements For Microwave Filters," p. 40). As you know, RLC Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of microwave filters for 50 years, although RLC was not mentioned in the article. As we are a paid advertiser with the magazine, we feel this was purely an oversight.

We also noticed that in the Feedback section of the April issue, you brought attention to the fact that another company was inadvertently omitted from the power-divider article in the FOCUS section of the March issue of Microwaves & RF.

As we feel this is a similar situation, we would appreciate your including a mention in the next issue of Microwaves & RF stating that RLC Electronics is indeed a leading manufacturer of microwave filters and was mistakenly omitted from the microwave-filter article in the April issue. We look forward to your assistance in this matter.

Sincerely yours,
Peter Jeffery
Director of Sales & Marketing
RLC Electronics
Mt. Kisco, NY

Editor's Note:
Our apologies to Mr. Jeffery and the folks at RLC Electronics for the omission. Although it was not our intention to mention all companies in the article, a firm with the long history and many contributions to this industry as RLC Electronics certainly merits mention in such an article.

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