Remembering Old MMICs
Dear Editor,
In my article in the March issue, "Recalling Early GaAs MMIC Developments" (p. 68), I noticed that the image for the GaAs MMIC switch in Figure 13 was severely cropped and did not show the full details of the device. In addition, the article shows the block diagram for the GaAs T/R module in Figure 14, and mentions the actual device as Figure 15, but neglected to include the Figure 15 image for the T/R module.

Ray Pengelly
Strategic Business Development Manager
Cree, Inc.
Research Triangle Park, NC

Editor's Note,
Our apologies to Dr. Pengelly for the poor cropping of that classic GaAs MMIC switch photograph as part of Figure 13. A more detailed image of the switch has been included here. As for Figure 15, that reference was actually meant to be for the block diagram of Figure 14, which was included in the article.

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