White Papers Found Here
In the January and February Application Notes, we spotlighted two white papers from Anatech that some people have had trouble locating on the company's web site (see "Filter Choices Help To Eliminate Interference," January 2009, p. 86 and "Specify Filters Right The First Time," February 2009, p. 88). The white papers were meant to simplify the search process for RF/ microwave filters by providing useful advice in terms of key specifications and understanding the differences among filter products. We apologize for any inconvenience and/or confusion, as the white papers are hosted on the Anatech Electronics web site rather than the Anatech Microwave site. To view and download the white papers, please visit: www.anatechelectronics. com/white_papers.php.

Power Dividers Omitted
In the March Focus section on Passive Components, specifically on power dividers/combiners, a number of key component suppliers were listed in the article by Technology Writer, Ashok Bindra, "Power Divders/Combiners Rise In Frequency, Shrink In Size." The small directory featured a number of major companies, such as Microlab/FXR, MECA Electronics, and Mini-Circuits, but neglected to include a long-time supplier of power dividers and combiners, ET Industries. In addition to surface-mount and coaxial hybrids and power dividers/combiners, the Boonton, NJ firm also offers narrowband and broadband directional couplers, antenna beamformers, and quadrature-phase-shift-keying (QPSK) modulators for commercial and military applications.

Because these reports cannot be all inclusive, some companies will invariably be left out that merit a mention for the high quality of their products. Such is the case for ET Industries. It is our sincere apology to the good folks at ET Industries for the omission. Sincerely,
Jack Browne
Technical Director

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