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Emergency Communications System Reaches Mines

Emergency Communications System Reaches Mines

In coordination with the National Institute
of Occupational Safety and Health
(NIOSH), Lockheed Martin has developed
a magnetic communications system to be
used by miners following an accident.

MINING ACCIDENTS strike communities across the globeand tragically, with increasing regularity. To improve accident response, Lockheed Martin and Carroll Technologies Group have signed a distribution agreement for a new wireless, through-the-earth communications system. This system is specifically designed to help the mining industry improve post-accident emergency communications.

Under the agreement, Lockheed Martin will provide the technology and manufacturing of the MagneLink Magnetic Communication System (MCS). This self-contained, portable communications system provides two-way voice and text communications for miners trapped during a disaster (see photo). Because it transmits magnetic waves through the earth, this technology eliminates the need for transmission wires and in-ground infrastructure. MagneLink also is capable of interfacing with miners' handheld emergency radios.

Lockheed Martin has conducted several successful in-mine demonstrations of the system. The firm is now working with the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to approve the equipment for use in mines. MSHA approval is anticipated this summer, at which time MagneLink systems can be ordered. Through its two operating subsidiaries, Carroll Engineering Co. and Delta Electric, Inc., Carroll Technologies Group will act as the distributor, sales, and service supplier of the system.

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