EM Simulator Cuts Setup Time

The latest version of the XFdtd electromagnetic (EM) simulation software, Release 7 (XF7), from Remcom boasts new functionality aimed at shortening simulation setup time and the time needed to perform analysis of output data. The software's mesh calculations have been accelerated by as much as 15 times, with increased throughput before and after a simulation.

According to Scott Langdon, Product Manager for Remcom's EM software tools, "In recent months there has been intense focus on the time it takes to actually run simulations; however, users must also dedicate significant time to preparing the simulation and to analyzing the output after the computation is complete. We are making improvements to all phases of the typical user workflow to create a better overall experience for customers and to cut extra time wherever we can." The software is available in various versions, with 32- and 64-b analysis modules, and capability of performing shared memory multiprocessing with as many as eight microprocessor cores.

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