Elcom Adds Orders For Fast Synthesizers

Not all business news was bad last week. Frequency synthesizer specialist Elcom Technologies announced the receipt of new orders totaling $2.4 million for the firm's UFS and IBS lines of high-performance frequency synthesizers. Elcom was selected for its fast-switching-speed capabilities, low phase noise, and flexible modulation performance. The synthesizers will be used in a number of different applications, including for threat simulation and antenna testing, where fast frequency switching is needed to measure a large number of data points across an operating frequency range.

According to Jim Davis, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Elcom, "These new awards reflect an increased demand for our technical capabilities and our ability to collaborate with customers to add capabilities via our building block approach to the product architecture. Especially worth noting is that the orders represent our strengthening presence in the internal sector, up over 25 percent versus last year."

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