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Don't Overlook Other Microwave Week Offerings

BEYOND IMS, MICROWAVE WEEK offers the Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) Symposium and the Automatic Radio- Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) Conference. Starting on Sunday, June 5, the 2011 RFIC Symposium features workshops at both advanced and tutorial levels. These workshops address issues that challenge today's RF IC designers in addition to spotlighting the latest developments in circuit and system simulation.

Two experts will speak during the RFIC Symposium's plenary session. Dr. Samuel Sheng, CTO and Founder of Telegent Systems, will delve into "RF CoexistenceChallenges and Opportunities." The second speaker is Avago Technologies' Ron Ruebusch, Vice President R&D for the Wireless Semiconductor Division. He will cover the "3G to 4G TransitionChallenges and Opportunities."

Monday and Tuesday will have technical and lunch-panel sessions as well as an interactive-forum poster session. In addition, two panels are scheduled. On Monday, "Software Defined RadiosFacts and Fantasies" will give panelists from industry and academia a chance to debate the state of the art in radio design and pinpoint software-defined radio's (SDR's) place in it. On Tuesday, a panel session will answer the question, "What is the limit of multi-radio integration or is it rather disintegration?"

For its part, ARFTGcurrently celebrating its 77th conferenceoffers technical presentations, an interactive forum, and an exhibition. Held on Friday, June 10, it will reflect this year's theme of "Design and Measurement of Microwave Systems." The conference is designed to give attendees the chance to interact in order to gain ideas and information for their projects. Among the topics covered in the contributed conference papers are nonlinear measurement systems, calibration issues, on-wafer measurements, and broadband and millimeter-wave measurements.

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