Diodes Housed In Plastic Packs

Families of surface-mount GaAs and silicon Schottky mixer/detector diodes have been developed by Aeroflex/Meteltics for high-volume, low-cost applications through about 26.5 GHz. The diodes are contained in a plastic surface-mount package measuring 45 x 75 x 31 mils, which is ideal for pick-and-place manufacturing setups. The product lines include model SMGS11, a GaAs diode that operates past 26.5 GHz and features a minimum breakdown voltage of 5 V, typical capacitance of 0.10 pF, and a maximum resistance of 7 Ohms. Another GaAs device, model SMG21, is an anti-parallel diode pair ideal for use in frequency-doubler and harmonic-mixer designs. It can be used past 26.5 GHz and features typical capacitance of 0.15 pF, minimum forward voltage of 620 mV, maximum forward voltage of 760 mV, and maximum resistance of 7 Ohms. For broadband detector applications, silicon zero-bias Schottky diode models SMS201 and SMS202 require no DC bias and offer sensitivity of typically -54 dBm. The former operates past 26.5 GHz while the latter is usable to 18 GHz.

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