Digital Synthesizers House 14-b DACs

A line of direct-digital-synthesizer (DDS) integrated circuits (ICs) uses digital technology to synthesize waveforms in frequency-agile applications. These ICs flaunt on-chip, 14-b digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Impressively, the AD9910 and AD9957 achieve speeds of 1 GSample/s. With that operating speed and 14-b DAC resolution, the AD9910 DDS allows communications, defense, and instrumentation system engineers to improve dynamic performance for output frequencies to 400 MHz. For wireless and wired systems, the AD9957 DDS modulator or quadrature digital upconverter (QDUC) simplifies data transmission by offering real outputs up to intermediate frequencies of 400 MHz. In addition, the AD9910 features a 16b parallel port with update rates to 250 MHz. It allows designers to update a 32-b frequency tuning word every 8 ns. This fast programming capability benefits applications requiring extremely fast changes in frequency or phase. The AD9910 DDS and AD9957 QDUC are sampling now with full-production quantities available in February.

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