Digital Radio Test Set Satisfies TETRA And P25

To stay current with varied and evolving communications standards, many digital test sets are now rooted in software-defined-radio (SDR) technology. As a result, users can easily expand and upgrade their capabilities. The 3920 Radio Test Set, for example, supports amplitude-modulation (AM) and frequency-modulation (FM) analysis as a standard feature. Optionally, however, it provides extended test capabilities for new digital-radio communication systems including TETRA and Project 25. With an optional 3 1/2-digit digital-multimeter (DMM) function, it can measure alternating-current (AC) and direct-current (DC) voltage—current as well as resistance. Using either the front-panel connections or GPIB and Ethernet commands, the 3920 also can measure AC voltages up to 150 V rms and DC voltages to 150 V. It provides RF operation from 10 MHz (usable from 100 kHz) to 1 GHz standard. The 3920 Digital Radio Test Set is available eight weeks after receipt of order.

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