Digital Cable To Drive Growing Demand For GaAs

According to the latest forecast from market research specialist Strategy Analytics, GaAs device demand from digital cable markets will grow at a compound annual average growth rate (CAAGR) of 11 percent through 2012. The report, "GaAs Device Demand from Digital Cable Markets 2007-2012," predicts continued demand from digital cable markets with the continued rollout and upgrade of cable networks to digital and high-definition platforms driving the bulk of demand over the next five years. The rollout of cable infrastructure will account for a growing proportion of this growth through 2012, accounting for 57 percent of GaAs device demand in 2007 and growing to 67% of demand by 2012.

The firm's GaAs Service Director, Asif Anwar, explains: "Cable infrastructure applications, namely line amplifiers and hybrid amplifiers, will continue to constitute the main demand for GaAs MMICs for the next five years. These products are used in the cable infrastructure networks as system amplifiers, line extenders, and fiber nodes."

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