CSR Drives Bluetooth Design For In-Car Navigation Systems

CSR has launched RoadTunes, a Bluetooth-based, hands-free package for Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) and in-car systems. The solution costs only $6 and is supported by a reference design that promises OEMs a mere six-week integration time into their products. The reference design contains hardware and software components, including source code to allow designers to customize their designs. It is based on CSR's BlueCore5-Multimedia device and features complete reduced-instruction-set computer (RISC) and digital-signal-processor (DSP) functionality.

The firm designed RoadTunes to allow OEMs to integrate Bluetooth connectivity quickly for fast time to market. RoadTunes allows the simultaneous pairing of up to eight Bluetooth devices, and safely controls a vast array of functions through numerous voice prompts. Devices designed around RoadTunes can offer full Bluetooth connectivity including simultaneous audio, remote control of devices and hands-free operation. In addition, it enables three-way calling and automatic reconnection on start-up. According to Rafik Jallad, Vice President of CSR's Automotive Strategic Business Unit, "RoadTunes perfectly addresses the needs for both the PND and factory fitted markets, providing designers with the ability to integrate Bluetooth connectivity easily and quickly with superior audio quality and a wide range of functions."


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