CSR And SiRF Complete Merger

CSR plC and SiRF TeChnology holdingS, inC. (SiRF) have completed the merger between SiRF and a wholly owned subsidiary of CSR. Customers of the enlarged CSR group will be able to deliver new user experiences of connectivity and location technologies in a diverse range of devices, such as mobile phones, personal navigation devices, in-car navigation and telematics systems, laptop and netbook PCs, mobile Internet devices, digital cameras, gaming machines, cellular accessories, and consumer electronic devices.

According to Joep van Beurden, CEO of CSR, "In bringing together the combined capabilities and broad range of CSR and SiRF technologies and platforms, we have created a new force in the industry and a world-class organization with the commercial, technical, and operational scale to build on CSR and SiRF's existing customer relationships and deliver the next generation of connectivity and location-enabled products. Our strategic goal is to address the existing and emerging needs of our combined customer base for connectivity and location technologies. The potential applications and benefits to the end user of connectivity plus location are only just starting to open up, and these exciting new opportunities will be driven by our unique combination of leading location technologies and connectivity solutions."

"Technology innovation represents the foundation for CSR's and SiRF's success in the marketplace," states James Collier, Co-Founder, board member, and Chief Technology Officer of CSR. "We look forward to combining the complementary expertise of our teams to take innovation to the next level in our multifunction radio and system platforms to address emerging customer and market needs."

For CSR's customers, the merger with SiRF means CSR's Connectivity Centre products will be augmented by Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies that are well respected and enjoy widespread adoption. SiRF brings to CSR a strong IP portfolio in GPS and assisted GPS (A-GPS), dead reckoning, and location-centric platforms. The enlarged CSR group will have its global headquarters in Cambridge, UK. SiRF's headquarters in San Jose, CA will become CSR's US headquarters. The combined CSR group enters the prestigious list of the world's top 10 fabless semiconductor companies.

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