Crush-Resistant Cables Operate To 19.5 GHz

The 2803 series of cables from Insulated Wire are internally reinforced to withstand crush force of at least 150 lbs. per linear inch. Usable through 19.5 GHz, these rugged microwave cables have an outside diameter of 0.380 in. and can achieve a bend radius of 1.5 in. Attenuation is typically about 10 dB per 100 ft. at 5 GHz and about 15 dB per 100 ft. at 10 GHz. The velocity of propagation for the 2803 cables is 84 percent, with time delay of 1.2 ns/ft. The cables can be supplied with a variety of connector types, including Type N, SMA, TNC, and SC connectors.

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