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Covering That Show Floor One More Time

The last day of any trade show is telling as to whether a show fulfilled its expectations. If a quick walk around the show floor reveals healthy activity at the exhibition booths, the show was a good one. If "booth mates" look bored and are comparing airfares for their return trips instead of reviewing data sheets with visitors to the booth, then the show left something to be desired. The general word on IMS 2010 has been that it's a good one, with vigorous activity on the show floor and lively discussions from company executives who feel that they have "dodged a bullet" in recent years and perhaps, finally, the business is stabilizing in the RF/microwave segment of electronics.

This last show-daily e-mail newsletter celebrating IMS 2010 is a bit longer than the previous ones simply because, as with any good trade show, it is difficult to walk away for that last time. This has been a show with some strong product announcements, some solid company news, and some interesting technology developments in hardware, software, and test equipment. Filtering out a handful of products for inclusion in this newsletter, from the many worthy candidates on the show floor and announced this week, has been difficult. But look for more of them in the months ahead, in the pages of Microwaves & RF. For those returning from the show, please travel safely.

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