I would like to offer an apology to one of the contributing writers to Microwaves & RF. Mr. Philip Arnoldthe author of the article "When Is A Square Wave Truly Square?" (November)had contacted me prior to its publication to express his displeasure with our editing of the story, and had asked if we could simply run it in its unedited form. Although his article was well organized, it did not meet the style requirements for the magazine, one of many reasons why our editors review and often rewrite contributed articles appearing in Microwaves & RF.

Unfortunately, in the editing process, Mr. Arnold felt that too much of the original meaning was altered. He has expressed that he would rather that readers refer to his original unedited article rather than the published version. To request a PDF of Mr. Arnold's original article, please e-mail Managing Editor Jeremy Cohen at [email protected]. We offer Mr. Arnold our sincerest apologies for the mishandling of his article.

Jack Browne
Technical Contributor

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