Congratulations To Giga-tronics

Thirty years is a lifetime to some folks. Government service usually only requires 20 years for a pension, and many will leave their jobs long before devoting 30 years to a company. For that reason, hitting a milestone like 30 years in business deserves some credit for test-equipment supplier Giga-tronics. Having started in this industry almost one year after Giga-tronics opened its doors, it is easy for this writer to understand the pride that comes from sticking with an idea and watching it grow into a trusted supplier for many customers as well as a means of providing for many employees and their families.

It has been said before that this industry is getting older, and the easy evidence is in the number of key anniversary dates sure to come along with Giga-tronics. That accomplishment, of 20 years, 25 years for Triquint, or 30 years, even 50 years in the business, as in the case of Rohde & Schwarz last year, is not trivial.

In that time, the list of failed companies is long, and the group of "acquired" or "modified" companies, such as M/A-COM, is almost as large. The longevity, when it features a growing and developing company, is good for its employees, its customers, and the industry. Remember this, and give a big "thumbs up" to the folks at the Giga-tronics booth next month at the MTT-S in Anaheim.

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