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Configurable Test Platform Operates To 6 GHz

The PXI Studio measurement system encompasses the PXI 3000 Series hardware modules, PXI Studio software with measurement plug-ins, and a PXI instrument chassis. The PXI 3000 Series modules now include the following: the 3025C, a 1-MHz-to-6-GHz digital signal generator; the 3030C, a 250-kHz-to-3-GHz wideband RF digitizer; and the 3035C, a 250-kHz-to-6-GHz wideband RF digitizer. These products extend the frequency-range coverage of the PXI 3000 Series hardware modules to include 250 kHz to 6 GHz for signal analysis and 1 MHz to 6 GHz for signal generation. The 3025C module features an increased RF output power range of –120 to +7 dBm. All of the new modules provide the ability to generate and analyze signals with RF bandwidths up to 90 MHz. The PXI Studio software can be used to simultaneously generate and analyze complex modulated signals.

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