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Compact Module Aids 5.8-GHz Links

Designed for original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seeking to add 5.8-GHz wireless communications capability to their products, the model ALT5801 transceiver module from Altan Technologies provides data rates to 250 kb/s at a range to 2700 ft. A low-power transmit option delivers +3-dBm typical transmit power from 5725 to 5875 MHz, while a high-power option delivers typically +20 dBm transmit power. The receive sensitivity is typically -92 dBm in high-sensitivity receive mode. The module operates with a UART host serial interface at rates to 115.2 kb/s. Several antenna options are available, including a printed-circuit-board (PCB) antenna, SMA antenna connector, and surface-mount antenna connection. The module draws 550 mA typical current from a +3-VDC supply in transmit mode and 90 mA current from a +3-VDC supply in receive mode. The module measures just 36 x 26 mm.

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