Coaxial Cables Flex To 18 GHz

The 086 series and 141 series of Hand-Flex Coaxial Cables from Mini-Circuits are hand-formable, low-loss cable assemblies usable from DC to 18 GHz. They are ideal for interconnection of components within systems. Both cable assembly series are available in standard lengths of 3 to 24 in. and supplied with SMA male connectors. The 086 series is based on 0.086-in-diameter cables with blue FEP insulator jacket and PTFE dielectric that are capable of 6-mm bend radius. The typical return loss is 33 dB to 6 GHz and 21 dB to 18 GHz. The power-handling capability of the 086 series cable assemblies is 211 W at 0.5 GHz and 35 W at 18 GHz. For the 141 series cable assemblies, which are based on larger-diameter 0.141-in.-diameter cables, the power-handling capability is 546 W to 0.5 GHz and 90 W to 18 GHz.

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