Coaxial Cables Cut Signal Losses

The Signa-Wave family of coaxial cables provides reliable low-loss performance over broad bandwidths. Developed by Coleman Cable, Inc. and available through value-added distributor RF Depot, the Signa-Wave cables compare with military-grade 50-? RG58, RG213, RG223, RG214, and RG217 coaxial cables and include the Signa-Wave 100 series flexible cables with braided outer conductor and solid BCCS inner conductor and solid polyethylene dielectric. With cutoff frequency of 90 GHz and peak power capability of 0.6 kW, the cables have shielding effectiveness (SE) of 90 dB. The attenuation is 22.8 dB/100 ft. at 900 MHz and 35.20 dB/100 ft. at 2 GHz.

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