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Cables Cut Losses Through 67 GHz

The Phase3 low-loss coaxial cables from MegaPhase are usable through 67 GHz, depending upon choice of connector. Constructed with a solid gold-plated copper inner conductor and PTFE dielectric tape, the low-loss cables add a gold-plated copper-braid outer conductor and fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) outer jacket. Loss is as low as 0.05 dB/ft at 1 GHz and 0.23 dB/ft at 18 GHz, with loss of only 1.59 dB/ft at 40 GHz and 2.20 dB/ft at 67 GHz.

The cables are available as assemblies with a variety of different connectors, including SMA, Type N, 3.5-mm, 2.92-mm, and 1.85-mm connectors.

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