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Cables Aid Testing Past 40 GHz

The expanded line of TestPro RF cable assemblies from Radiall USA now includes the TestPro 3 cables with performance from DC to 40 GHz. TestPro 3 cables are designed for extreme stability and flexibility and have been tested for bending stability according to IEC 966-1, bending method number 2. Results show excellent phase stability as low as 5 degrees typical with bending at 40 GHz. Amplitude variations are less than 0.1 dB with bending and only 0.03 dB with shaking at 40 GHz. TestPro 3 cable and its connectors are designed for long life, rated for a minimum of 20,000 bending cycles and 5000 mating cycles for such applications as in vector network analyzer (VNA) test systems.

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