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Booster Amp Aids Tactical Radios

Model AR-75 from AR Modular RF is a band-switching RF booster amplifier designed for use with multiband VHF/UHF tactical radios. It covers 30 to 512 MHz with selectable output power of 30, 50, or 75 W. The rugged amplifier, with six automatically switched and filtered bands, includes voltage spike suppression, transmit/receive switching, automatic level control (ALC), and protection against antenna mismatch. Designed to operate from +24-VDC vehicular systems, the unit includes a switchable low-noise amplifier (LNA) with 9-dB gain and RF power level control. It is SINCGARS, HAVE QUICK, and ECCM compatible, and handles input power levels to 20 W without damage. Typical harmonics are -60 dBc or better while typical spurious levels are -75 dBc. The amplifier is transient protected per MIL-STD 1275.

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